Why I should find a professional maker for my Chinese name?

In fact, there are up to 100,000 Chinese characters in the biggest Chinese dictionary. However, not every character can be used as the material of the Chinese name.  Many characters don’t make sense for Chinese speakers because many of them are not frequently used or they are old school term.  What’s more, some characters have multiple meanings, so language knowledge is somehow necessary for Chinese naming. It is a literary art for creating and finding a Chinese name.

Getting a good Chinese name includes the proper composition of characters, well and reasonable meaning, fluent pronunciation and modern-used terms (try thinking some weird English name that some Asian people use). Our service will satisfy your “demand of personalizing” as best as possible and achieve the conditions above at the same time.

The good example of bad cases

Please don’t use free Chinese name tools or generator’s random picks or inaccurate computer translation. It’s too risky to use free sources that you even don’t know the true meaning and what the Chinese actually feels. Here are some bad name cases that Chinese speakers would laugh in mind :

The guy got an ID card with Chinese name "激烈的海膽"

The guy got an ID card with Chinese name “激烈的海膽”, which in English means “Intense sea urchin”. It’s true, you can google it. That is absolutely not a real Chinese name.
A guy’s China driving license with Chinese name “好厲害”, which means “very good”. “Wow, it’s very good!” some people would probably say. BUT EXACTLY NOT! The Chinese name of his is as the same as a Chinese person’s English name is “Very Good”.
“Hi, My name is Very Good! “.
“Oh hi, Mr. Very Good. Nice to meet you!”

It would be a fine name if there is no such Chinese guy named “雷鋒”. “活” is a rare Chinese family name, meaning life. “雷” means “thunder” and “鋒” means “sharp “. However, “雷鋒” is a China warrior who is dead. As a model of good behavior in his military career, his name became a praise for people who is doing good and keeping a low profile after he lost his life by accident. So “活雷鋒” is actually an adjective and conversational term to praise people “a living hero of doing good without people knowing!” Therefore, a good name is not only just using good characters but looking upon overall meaning in society perception and culture.

The guy’s Chinese name actually means “Chocolate”. That would be a discriminated term for people who gave this name to him.

The cases we made

With our experience and Chinese knowledge, we make almost all of our client satisfied. The following are some great examples:

Wayne Linde
Work for Charity foundation in Asia
Previous Chinese name is “foreign Chinese name”- 偉恩林德
Genuine Chinese name by our service is 林懷恩 (lín hwái ēn )

>林 (lín ) – A Chinese common family name, sharing close pronunciation to his surname (Linde)
>懷 (hwái ) – means “own something” or “care about people”.
>恩 (ēn) – means appreciation or something grateful.

We consider the pronunciation of his English name (hwái ēn is close to Wayne) and his charity job to make the name.

Wayne Linde

“Awesome!” It’s not only my word to Genuine Chinese name but my Chinese associate gave it to my name!

Lachlan Brown
Work in education institution in Asia 
His directly translated Chinese name is 拉克蘭布朗
Genuine Chinese name by our service is 博樂倫 (bwó lè lwún)

>博( bwó ): A Chinese surname. Has a meaning of “doctor” or “scholarly”
>樂( lè ): means joyful and enjoy.
>倫( lwún ): means ethic and moral. A good term in family or school.

We consider the pronunciation of his English name (surname:
bwó is close to Brown, given name lè lwún close to Lachlan) and his education job.

Lachlan Brown

I love the name! It’s beyond my expectation! My students said that is cool!

Britney Amber
Work for bank
Her directly translated Chinese name is 布蘭妮安柏
Genuine Chinese name by our service is 安芙妮 (ān fú ní)

>安(ān): A Chinese surname. Has meaning of “peace of mind”
>芙(fú): is the same pronunciation as Chinese character “luck” (福), the “芙” one is more fancy and suitable for female.
>妮(ní): means girl in a fancy term. Several Chinese/Taiwanese singers use this word as their show name.

We consider the pronunciation of her English name (surname: ān is close to Amber, given name fú ní is close to Britney). And also satisfy her demand of pursuit of luck.

Britney Amber

Wow, My Taiwanese sis said it’s a name that fits me a lot!

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