Knowing Your Market is Always Good!

Knowing the place your are about to play in is a basic work before entering a new market. With different market shape and customer type from your country, understanding as much information as you can will help you on marketing strategy and business detail. It is always good to know your target and competition you are about to encounter!

Valuable and affordable: Customized Market Report for Emerging Business

We know it is expensive for micro/small/medium and Individual business to have a customized market research from those market consultancy. That’s why we cooperate with a local professional market analyst for you!

Yes, our service is provided for SME and individual business, which we charge much lower price than the bigger consultancy because we don’t let you pay for a team that your demand probably may not need. And the best thing is we still have a professional service of market research and insight for you!

Market Research Conducted by Professionals

Our market research is conducted by our special consultant, who was a research manager of a British Consultancy in Taiwan. He has been through hundred cases with different markets and industries of varies countries in Asia!

If your demand needs a consultancy service for your business, we offer a special price with our consultancy partner. They are local consultancy with 30+ years experience in Taiwan and Asia!

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