How does it work about our Chinese name service

All of our Chinese names is elaborated by our local Chinese teacher’s brain. Every character is considered seriously both to fit your personal traits and to assure it makes sense to Chinese speakers.

You will need to fill in a simple form so that we can quickly get who you are and your Chinese name will be personalized by what you provide about your job, your traits, preference and pursuits. Besides, we will do our best to get close to the pronunciation of your native name. However, there is not always perfect because the pronunciation system is totally different and also your 3-character Chinese name cannot accommodate all of your traits. We will do our best to make an excellent name for you under that serious circumstance.

Here is some difference between free online tool and our service:

SystemFree Chinese generatorOur naming service
Methodrandom picked
elaborated by
human service
Personalizedvery low – mediumvery high
not make sense
make sense
not optimized
balanced and fit your
native name as possible
Meaningcan’t be promisedpositive and personalized

If you are seeking for Chinese naming, it’d better you find a reliable Chinese friends (who know Chinese very well) or find a professional service so that you can assure your Chinese name is fit yourself and suitable for long term reputation.

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