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Make a good name, Make a good fame

Name is one of the most important words and voice for everyone. It could bring positive impression by Chinese if you have a real and proper Chinese name, which may lead to better networking and even more opportunities!

Chinese name is much more than a name

In Chinese culture, name is symbol of personal wish linked to destiny, fortune and personality. For non-Chinese, If your Chinese name can be linked to your native name, personal traits and pursuit, it could make you stand out from the crowd.

Beware: A lot of character doesn’t make sense for Chinese and for you

Chinese name is a literary art collection of meaningful and proper characters. The process involves issues of proper meaning, fluent pronunciation and modern usage. A professional name maker is recommended rather than a computer random pick.

Genuine Chinese Name service is powered by local Chinese expert

Name is sort of wisdom of language elaboration. Instead of computer pick, we make your name by our local human intelligence so that we can assure your name is close to who you are and make sense to Chinese speakers. Every name deserves a considerate thinking!

What you get from our Chinese name service:

  • Chinese Name – Get personalized genuine Chinese name(s)
  • 2 fonts – traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese of your name
  • Meaning – Get overall and individual meaning of your Chinese name
  • Pinyin and Pronunciation – Get how to pronounce you Chinese name with Pinyin and human voice.
  • Chinese name writing tutorial- Learn how to write your Chinese name!
  • Image files – Provide the image file of your name so that you can easily use it in any way.